Friday, May 18, 2012

Early Childhood classes

I thought I'd put in my bid for quote of the year:

Every classroom needs to have people who know how to make sparks bright and globes light

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jessaholic 'EPL and Jessica Watson' lunch

Two years ago Jessica Watson sailed into Sydney Harbour to finish her quest to be the youngest to sail around the world non-stop and via the notorious Cape Horn no less.

Sometime before that a bunch of people formed likeable acquaintances through her daily blog updates. Some of us just had to comment every time, we couldn't resist☺☺☺

Later we called ourselves the Jessaholics (acquaintance turned into friendship) and set up a blog to keep in touch as well as watch and report on Jessica's spirit of adventure.

Last week we got together and 'holics' from around Australia
and the world had lunch at Mooloolaba. It was Fantazmagorrical.

Jessica Watson was gracious enough to fit us into her busy schedule and joined us at the Wharf Tavern at Mooloolaba.
Her mum Julie and sister Emily came along as well as Andrew Fraser from 5 Oceans media.

                                          Here's Andrew Fraser, Emily, Jess and Julie
                                        (It was a bit glary from where I was sitting, sorry).