Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bloggers advice, very informative and lol.

Hi Jessica, I'm loving theadvice from the ever expanding blog family:

♠Astroswanny tells us to look at the 'Universe today' site..."A 16-year-old high school girl who is attempting to sail solo around the world spotted a bright bolide over the Pacific Ocean during the peak of last week's Leonid meteor shower. The International Meteor organization relies on reports just like this from observers in the field….or in this case “all at sea”... A Bolide is a fireball which is "a meteor brighter than any of the planets, magnitude -4 (camera flash) or greater." That explains that then, lol.

♠Poppa Bear Cairns Qld (pilot) Says there's sea life around you that has to be seen to be believed as you will no doubt witness / first Aircraft to do a photo pass on Lionheart's voyage when he was inbound to Australia off WA.

People like ♠Chris have advice...When you tape a bit of cloth or small piece of light sail to the back of the vane, it will work much better, as it gets a bit more drag.

Heaps of other tips like "type in "great circle" on wikipedia" ♠Salty dog found..." " for the gr8 circle route and"
Also, some like ♠Chris Akenfelds (Brisbane) need to be careful ...
"Hey Jessica, I have this mental image of all your skeptics and naysayers: I picture them as fat, beer-guzzling losers who struggle with all their might to bend down and pick up the remote control for their television. They probably spend 16 hours per day watching back-to-back television and sink over $100 worth of alcohol every weekend"...
That's pretty much me! Except for the skeptic and naysayer bit, lol.☻☻☻

Catch U L8er

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