Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 2 blog for jessica

Hi Jessica,Yay Grandma!!!
I'm glad you're not in the Gulf, the Iranians have arrested a sailing crew for venturing ONLY 500 metres into their waters. Now that is tough if the wind is up. Politics and sport are like oil and water.
I also notice that the blog tips are getting weirder as you head out of those dulldrums(sic) bound for the cooler climes...♥Samurai sounds like a rager, she even gives tips on throwing up, lol."I got to the point where I'd sussed out what tasted better on the way out and 2 minute noodles were up there along with Sao crackers." ♣Bruce from Brisvegas is still telling us to eat Kiwi Fruit, you have to eat them quick in summer before they bloat, lol. ♣Richard in Marylands' tip on holding down the ctrl key while hitting the plus key to enlarge a piccy was a beauty.This tip would've solved the query by many of what the present from Grandma was, lol. Mountains of swiss(ish) chocolate.
5000nm already! You are flying along, not much sitting around for you.I see that December 17 is the estimate for the roaring fortie. I betcha can't wait, catchya L8er.

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*Never forget the greater picture of why I'm blogging. I will not write posts to gain followers, get attention with snarky comments, or harm either students of co-workers with my words. I blog to become a better teacher, hone my own insights, gain a better understanding of my teaching journey, connect with other educators who, in turn, can make me become a better teacher.

*Always write about a child in a way so that if their parent found the blog they would know I respected every aspect of their child's learning- although I may write weaknesses I must always show the child's true strengths & write to show how much I love and appreciate the child.

*Always write about my co-workers in a way that also reflects their strengths. I have amazing co-workers, which is truly a blessing. I value collaborating and believe that we are better teachers when we put our heads together. I never want to write anything that will in any way hurt our relationship, which in turn would hurt the students' learning. I don't want to use my blog to vent, in turn hurting the trust someone has put in me.

*I will work hard not to write anything that will prevent me from doing my job. I do not want anything I write to hurt my co-workers, students, or my school in any way. I have the best job in the world, and I would hate to end up having to leave teaching because I forgot the bigger picture in my blog.

*I try my best to stick to these, but I'm sure you can find posts I've written that don't follow these 4 rules. But I try. Sometimes I might think I'm following them and I don't, and later I can see where I made my mistake. Know I'm trying, and if you feel I haven't done one of these let me know.

So, here's what I see as our blogging rights-

*We have the right to reflect on our teaching journey on-line.
*We have the right to collaborate with educators from all over the world.
*We have a right to wonder what is best practice, debate education policies/practices/teaching styles, and question what is not working in an on-line forum.
*We have a right to use our blogs to process a difficult day, as long as we stay within the lines of the responsibilities listed above.

The combination of the Rights/Responsibilities allows us to:

*Communicate & collaborate with educators from all over the world
*Become more reflective in our teaching
*Improve our teaching practices to best benefit our students
*Find the silver linings inside the most frustrating of days & know that we are not alone
*Keep a sense of humor, which, in turn, allows us to be stronger teachers who come back to work day after day inspired, energized, and ready for a challenge