Monday, March 15, 2010

Ahh the world is getting back to normal

But, according to South Park golf is stupid again, lol.
Tiger Woods has announced that he will be playing the Masters at Augusta, Georgia, USA.
Oh yeah and he's still living in the same house with Elin. Did anyone know he was a father too?

Michael Clarke (Australian cricket captain in waiting) is going to still play cricket after splitting with fiancee Lara (Where the bloody hell are ya?) Bingle.
Gee, I wish guys like Clarkie (pic) would treat their girls better in public.
Get Your hands on their waist and not their ass!!!!

Michael Schumacher is back driving formula one cars.
Give him a rainy track and no-one will beat him.

NEWS Just in:
Brian Mc keever, the blind athlete denied a run at the Winter Olympics, has just won the Gold Medal in the 20km Cross country event in the Paralympics at Whistler. PLUSSSSSSSS: Today, march 17 in Whistler, Canada. He has just got the double. he got the gold in the 10km cross country event. Double PLUSSSSSSS: On the final Competition day March 21 he won his third gold medal in the 1km classic. This event requires you to survive a series of heats plus a final.
Gotta love ya sport!!!!

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